Keon Turner

Lead Technician & Owner

"I'm a long time E-bike enthusiast/technician that loves to share the enjoyment of Personal electric vehicles. I repair and service mostly all models that parts are available for but can also retrofit if needed."

Opening Hours:
Mon - Tues:   9am - 2pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thurs-Fri: 9am- 4pm
    Sat :   10am - 12pm
Sunday :  Closed

Need A Tire Change or Battery Upgrade?

Tire changes and Battery upgrades are a quick fix!

I repair and upgrade d.i.y. kits and commercial brands. I also build custom ebikes to customer spec.

Ebike Repairs/upgrades

I'll get you back on the road.

Do you have a ebike that's giving you problems? Maybe you have an ebike that's to slow or the battery doesnt last long. Either way you've reached the right placeI repair and upgrade d.i.y. kits and commercial brands.


Electric standup scooter Tire/tube R&R

Most flat fixes are within the hour.

Most tube and tire changes are $80-$150 parts and labor included. prices subject to change due to material prices. Fix-a-flat cleanup has an additional $25-$50 charge.


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