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Keon Turner

Lead Technician & Owner

"I'm a long time E-bike enthusiast/technician that loves to share the enjoyment of Personal electric vehicles. I repair and service mostly all models that parts are available for but can also retrofit if needed."

Open Hours:
Mon - Tues:   9am - 2pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thurs-Fri: 9am- 4pm
    Sat :   10am - 12pm
Sunday :  Closed

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Need A Tire Change or Battery Upgrade? We can fix it!

Tire changes are a quick fix and battery upgrades can be discussed.

I repair and upgrade mostly all d.i.y. kits and Name brands. I also build custom ebikes to customer spec.

Electric standup scooter Tire/tube R&R

Electric standup scooter Tire/tube R&R

Most tube and tire changes are $80-$150 parts and labor included. prices subject to change due to material prices. Fix-a-flat cleanup has an additional $25-$50 charge.


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